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Lovely and authentic family-owned eatery. This is my go-to place with my sister and her family. We've gone here for YEARS. 
It's a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place with great food. 
My personal favorites include the California burrito and the breakfast burrito with chorizo.

Shannon L.

Palm Desert, CA

I've driven by this place a zillion times, finally stopped and now I've eaten here three nights in a row!!! My new FAVORITE place and I love their staff, Jenny is such a delight, what a great spirit and Maria back their cooking and smiling and I felt so at home. Last night the good looking young guys were very very nice, didn't get their name. So far my three meals have been the real deal. I'm a little Spanish gal and I love the authentic food; I may have to put myself on a timeout as I totally over order for just one person. Thank you Minimex!!!

Elaine H.

Huntington Beach, CA

Very good!

We were here for lunch recently and loved it. Carnitas tacos, pastor tacos, asada tacos, burrito, chicken tacos and something else I forgot all amazing. Everything was very authentic and had tons of flavor. The service wasn't great but that's fine because the food makes up for it. Hopefully we can come back here some day!

Lauren G

Sacramento CA

Best breakfast burritos around! They open at 9 so give them a few minutes after opening and call to order for pickup. Salsa is amazing!

Nicholas A.

Huntington Beach, CA

Come hungry leave happy & full! Nachos - bomb, the burritos - massive and tacos - amazing.

Ramian T.

Irvine, CA

I've been coming here since 2009. Seriously the best Carne asada burritos!!! I moved away for 4 years and just recently moved back to the area and this was one of my first stops. 
The people are always friendly and service is on point. 
But the Carne asada... is perfect. 6 stars!!!

Cody S.

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